Unite & Ignite

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Unite & Ignite

pretty stoked for this!


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new website im working on! look:



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dubstep explained

The Crucial Dude

If you listen to dubstep in your headphones walking to class, or in your car on your way to work – you are retarded.

This artless form of “music” has no discernible melody, nonsensical lyrics stolen from other songs, and a constantly shifting beat that creates an atmosphere of terse anxiety.

Dubstep is cold and metallic.  Soulless.

Music should uplift.  It should be memorable.  A great song is a sing-along song.  Great music, like great art or great writing – conveys emotion.

The only emotion I’ve ever felt while listening to dubstep is disgust.  Disgust at the kiddies who stay up all night on Molly and Nitrous Oxide and in the morning tell themselves that they like dubstep.  No, retard, dubstep only sounded good to you last night because you fucked with your serotonin levels so much that you got confused as to what is pain and what is pleasure…

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here’s the link to human prison!

Also I’m finally done school and I have an interivew @ 4pm

Party tomorrow after tracking drums!

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Human Prison

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I finally finished a metal song I’ve been working on for a month. Recording it was no problem it was just the mixing that took forever.

It sounds good though and I can say that I’m quite happy with how it turned out!


Hey! go listen to my music and follw me on soundcloud.

maybe even comment 😉

have a great weekend!

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so I only have 2 more days of class to get through this week. I’m thinking I should post every Wednesday because that’s when I seem to remember/ actually get stuff done.

Bonfire this weekend and then Strung Out on Tuesday!

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Alright so this week I’m going to be postering.

Here’s the poster

my twitter

I’m terrible at this bloggging thing. I’m not good at getting up in the morning or cleaning either but I feel this has more importance. Maybe I just never follow through with thngs. What is it now, mid July and I haven’t made a post since May 23rd? That’s almost 3 whole months without a post. People who follow me must be devistated. I’ll start writing more but in the meantime, follow me on Twitter.

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